Friday, 24 June 2011

Week 1 (w/c 20/06/2011)

It is Friday (which I have decided will be 'Minister blog day', since I'm part time...) and by Sunday I will be the minister of Bures Baptist Church. This has puzzled many people, not least myself, since I have yet to undertake any training! However I am certain after many months of praying that this is the right thing and many wise and faithful people seem to agree. Sweet.

This week I have been preparing the service for this Sunday and mulling over the order of service for my induction in two weeks time. I am preaching on Zechariah and the rebuilding of the temple – a message of hope for our small church too, as we set out to build it up together.

I've learnt a lot looking at this period in Jewish history, flicking furiously back and forth through the old testament trying to pin down the bizarre chronology. I have been reminded how spookily accurate Jeremiah was when years before he predicted 70 years of exile for the Jews. Sometimes I think it's strangely easy to forget how supernatural God is. And yet, it DOES explain how I will miraculously have a congregation to look after in two days time...