Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Blog 3 26/07/11

Dear blog readers,

An exciting week this week, we have been preparing for the opening of our new summer youthclub (for “preparing” read making posters, chatting over tea and trying out the pool table/xbox etc). Actually, quite a lot of hard work has gone into it to, but I'm finding it an enjoyable project and I think my co-workers are too. We've felt prayerfully that it was the right thing to do, so this Friday, hopefully we'll have some 14-17 year-olds along to try it out!

Something else I'm enjoying is the weekly meetings we've started having as deacons. We start our weeks with breakfast together on a Monday morning and we seek God's guidance for the church, praying and bible studying together. We've only had two so far and we plan to carry on for eight weeks, but already God has been speaking and helping us to plan. Great people, exciting mission and, to top it off, the countryside here is absolutely beautiful too! (Check out our developing website if you don't believe me – www.buresbaptistchurch.org) Dibley eat your heart out.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Week 2

Having decided and publicised with much certainty that Friday would be my blog day, I now have to admit, in my very first week my new routine failed me and I am here on Monday of week four penitently adding a blog I wrote two weeks ago! Apparently church ministry is a bit busy...

Week 2

The week so far: this morning I was at a coffee morning with some of the charming older folks talking car adverts, preserves and and broken bones. This afternoon I went to a strawberry tea raising money for Breast Cancer. I am also working at a rate of at least one BBQ per week, and two kids events (obviously with biscuits). Someone today told me they had put on two stone since they had moved into the village. I'm not sure they were joking.

It felt like a good service on Sunday, we compared Jesus to Pilate and considered how following Christ can sometime means looking bad, suffering and having your life disrupted (unlike Pilate who tried to avoid all these things). Sounds depressing, but the point is God gave Jesus strength to go through it and he does the same for us! So not so depressing really.