Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Final blog before baby!

Well this is my last blog before I go on maternity leave! In all the business and the tiredness of the months ahead, I'm not sure how much I'll be 'getting done', but I do have one hope, and that is that during my time off I will get to spend some time with God.

I don't know what God is planning to do with Bures Baptist Church in the time that I'm away, but I do know that, whatever time of day or night it is, however tired or grouchy I am (or the baby), God will be there, and I can still speak with Him. And, when I get the chance, I intend to lift the church up to Him in prayer.

Because I know that, in some ways, my prayers of support for Bures might well turn out to be more important than my persistent beetling around working for it!

Here is a lovely video to inspire your own prayer life. Gotta love Bill Hybels.

God bless everyone, have a wonderful Christmas.

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